07: Data Masking (Redact) “At Rest” Security

Sensitive Data Masking, Large Retail Insurance in Asia Pacific
Problems: Institute had health insurance customer acquisition and claims processes where sensitive personal, private; identity, health data and financial data was captured through mobile agent and coming in as email attachments as scan PDFs. Documents are printed and stored without any data masking and water marking. Compliance demanded redacted/masked data and they wanted to outsource the long term digital and physical storage but could not as data was visible. None was possible. They had 7500 applications coming daily.
Solution Deployed: Our Axiom Protect 2.0’s intelliFind module was prefect solution that exposed Web APIs to process the multi page documents to find desired sensitive data and redact/mask it. IntelliFind’s AI/ML intelligently finds sensitive data (based on type, context and training given). With intelliFind in action, institute could redact all data, outsource document storage with regulatory compliance.
License And Deployment :
  • 4 weeks Rollout deployed remotely with 7500+ applications proceeded daily..
  • Perpetual License with AMC
  • Enterprise Virtual Instances Deployment with (4 Production, 1 Dev And 2 Disaster Recovery).
  • Complete 100% software. Quick high velocity high volume rollout.
  • Eliminated slow, vulnerable human depend process with 24x7x365 machine processed.
  • No data/Identity theft. No Need to Outsource.
  • Huge Cost Saving. Human Effort Reduction.
Up Sell opportunities:
  • Data Masking for sensitive data can extend more value.
  • Water Mark documents to embed purpose, source, file name ensures authenticity and purpose.
  • Document Signing And Encrypting all received documents eliminates many insider threats.